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The love of chocolate and the imagination of a candy manufacturer transformed the factory town of Hershey, Pennsylvania into a major tourist destination, beloved by adults and children the world over. Standing on the corner of Chocolate and Cocoa Avenue, with the wonderful aroma of Hershey's chocolate filling the air, visitors find it easy to understand why Hershey is known as “the sweetest place on earth.”


Milton S. Hershey operated candy manufacturing businesses in New York and Philadelphia before returning around 1905 to his hometown in the heart of Pennsylvania’s picturesque dairyland. He made a success of the caramel business and then decided to revamp his factory into a chocolate processing plant. The company grew, and soon employed most of the local workforce. Near the plant, Hershey created quite a few supply businesses such as a butcher supply shop, and grocery stores.


Hershey opened "Hershey Park" in 1907 to provide a place of relaxation for his employees and their families. Today, it's known as Hersheypark and is billed as "the cleanest and greenest theme park in America." Hershey kept adding to his factory, his park and his town, doing everything possible to make it a pleasant, prosperous place to live and work and a wonderful place to visit.


During the depression, he kept people at work constructing a community center, a sports arena and stadium known as Hersheypark Arena & Stadium, and a grand hotel in the European tradition. The Hotel Hershey is now one of America's finest historic hotels.


Over the years, the town and amusements that Hershey built for his employees and their families have expanded into a Disney-type theme park. In Hershey, the streetlights are alternately shaped like wrapped and unwrapped Hershey's chocolate kisses. At every turn, there are rides and activities for children of all ages (which are enjoyed just as much by adults.)


While at the park, visitors can tour Hershey's Chocolate World, the official visitor's center of Hershey Foods Corporation. Don't forget to take your free Hershey's chocolate sample. Also available are campgrounds, golf, world-class theater, professional soccer and hockey, the Hershey Gardens and renowned Zooamerica.


The Hershey Zoo, originally built to display Milton Hershey’s wild animal collection, has grown to become Zooamerica North American Wildlife Park. This major attraction covers 11 acres and depicts the regions of North America and the plants and animals native to each.Indoor and outdoor habitats house more than 200 animals of 75 species.


Hersheypark Stadium presents outdoor sports events, including professional soccer games played by the Hershey Wildcats, as well as concerts. The Hershey Bears ice hockey team plays next to the stadium at a smaller concert venue known as the Star Pavilion.


For chocolate lovers, and the young at heart, a visit to Hershey is pure delight! It is a vacation destination that is filled with family fun.

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