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America's first capital city, Philadelphia is rich in American history and culture. From Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 proclaiming American independence, to Penn's Landing, named after the influential and charismatic governor William Penn, Philadelphia has much to teach visitors about the early years of America. At the same time, Philadelphia is a bustling city with modern attractions and entertainment.

Philadelphia's historical roots are very deep. As the seat of American government during the first crucial decades of American independence, Philadelphia was America's greatest city. The city's pride was manifested in the City Hall, which is the largest and most ornate municipal hall in the country. Philadelphia was the site of the meetings of the Continental and then the US Congress until 1800. But Philadelphia's history is even older than that of the United States itself. As a British Colony founded by William Penn and the Quakers, Pennsylvania attracted many different religious denominations to its tolerant atmosphere. Many of those faiths have built beautiful churches throughout the city in celebration of the religious freedom they found in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia was and remains to this day a cultural center. Benjamin Franklin himself helped found many of the educational and cultural offerings of the city. Numerous universities and museums can be found here in the City of Brotherly Love. The Philadelphia Art Museum is the third largest in the country with over 300,000 different items. Other museums celebrate the Philadelphia's place in American history. Philadelphia also boasts numerous entertainment centers, such as Penn's Landing where a wonderful collection of historical ships provides the background for numerous restaurants and entertainment venues.

Philadelphia's careful city planning made it an ideal choice for housing the US government, and it has produced many treasures that are still enjoyed by visitors and residents. Fairmont Park, for example, is the largest landscaped municipal park in the world. It houses numerous attractions, as well as walking trails and recreation areas.

Philadelphia has enjoyed a special place in American history, and visitors come to the city to learn about that history as they learn about this beautiful city and all it offers.

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