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571 ft.

Time Zone:
Eastern Standard Time (Daylight saving April-October)

Parks Police (905)356-1338
Regional Police (905)688-4111
Fire (905)356-1321
Weather (905) 688-1847

Average Temperatures (in Fahrenheit):
High Low
January - March 37 16
April - June 73 34
July - September 79 52
October - December 55 21

The coldest months in Niagara Falls are November through March. Snowfall is abundant during the winter months. April and October are brisk. However, the moisture that evaporates from the lakes tends to inhibit cloud formation in the summer and to moderate air temperature in the winter, thus producing a remarkably temperate climate. Niagara is usually warmer in the winter than the surrounding portions of North America and has more days of sunshine than many traditional "sunbelt" cities. Even though June, July and August have higher temperatures, the Falls create a special situation because of the spray and mist that surround them. It is wise to be prepared with a rain jacket and a change of dry clothing in order to experience the full beauty (up close) of the Falls. There are events occurring during all seasons that blend with the weather, so every season is enjoyable as long as adequate clothing is packed.

Public Holidays:
Jan. 1 - New Year's Day
March or April(varies) - Good Friday
March or April(varies) - Easter Monday
May (Third Monday) - Victoria Day
July 1 - Canada Day
August (First Monday) - Civic Holiday
September (1st Monday) - Labor Day
October (1st Monday) - Thanksgiving Day
November 11 - Remembrance Day
December 25 - Christmas Day
December 26 - Boxing Day

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Canada and Canada's head of State. This means that the Queen is the formal head of Canada. The Governor General is the Queen's representative in Canada. The Queen is also represented in each province by a Lieutenant Governor and by a Commissioner in the territories.

Useful Conversions of weights and measures
1 hectare - 2.471 acres
1 inch - 2.54 cm
1 ft. - 30.48 cm
1 oz. - 28.57 grams
1 lb. - 0.454 kg
1 cm - 0.39 inches
1 meter - 3.28 feet / 1.09 yards
1 km - 0.62 miles
1 liter - 0.26 US gallons
1 inch - 2.54 cm
1 foot - 0.39 meters
1 yard - 0.91 meters
1 mile - 1.60 km
1kg - 2.2lb
1 gallon - 3.78 liters

The Canadian currency is in dollars. There are one dollar coins (called "loonies" because of the loon depicted on the gold colored coin); two dollar coins with a gold colored center and silver border ( called "toonies" because they are equal to 2 loonies); dime; nickel and penny. The paper currency comes in denominations of $5; $10; $20; $50; $100. Exchange rates vary widely depending on where money is exchanged. Banks and casinos give the best rate. The easiest method of securing cash at the best exchange rate is to make withdrawals using a US credit card from the ATM machines found at major banks and stores. As in the US, some banks charge a fee and a transaction tax, so check with the banks to find the best value. Save remaining Canadian dollars for your next trip as the exchange rate to convert back into US money from Canadian is usually not favorable.

How to get around:
Four commercial airports serve the Niagara Falls area Buffalo International Airport in New York State is about 20 minutes away and is the closest. Shuttle service is provided for a fee. This can be arranged in advance through your hotel or call (716) 633-8294 or 800-551-9369. Niagara District Airport at Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada (905)684-7447 Hamilton, Ontario Airport (45 min.) (905)679-4151 Toronto, Ontario Lester B. Pearson Airport (2 hours) (905) 247-7678

Automobiles in the City:
It is not necessary to have an automobile in Niagara Falls, Ontario as the public transportation system is excellent. The streets in the city are congested in the summer and parking is sometimes difficult to find. However, a car is a necessity if one wishes to travel outside the city into the surrounding area. The best solution is to park the car upon arrival and use public transportation thereafter, except when traveling outside the area.

Bus service within the city is excellent. Niagara Transit buses have regular routes through all sections of the city. Exact change is required. Telephone (905) 356-1179.

People Movers:
These special buses allow travel all day along the 30 kilometer (19 mile) loop containing the Falls related attractions for one low fee. The People Movers stop continuously at various Niagara Park Commission attractions along the way. The People Mover system has alleviated a chronic traffic congestion problem in the Park. It operates from mid May to mid October. All day parking at the People Mover terminal is available for a daily fee. Parkers receive a free all day People Mover pass for each occupant of the vehicle. (905) 357-9340

The main Canadian rail system, Via Rail, provides service to all parts of Canada as well as to Buffalo, NY and Windsor (opposite Detroit, Michigan). The station is on Bridge Street. (905) 357-1644.

Studded tires are illegal in Canada as are heavily tinted side windows or windshields. An insurance card extending your policy coverage for driving in Canada can be obtained from your US insurance agent at no charge. It is imperative to carry this with you in Canada.

Niagara Falls taxis operate on meters. There is an extra charge for additional passengers and for luggage. The standard tip is 10%. Shuttles: All of the major hotels provide a shuttle service (free or for a low cost) to Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino. Shuttles also include a stop at the Falls. Shuttles run every 30 minutes all day and into the night.

Customs Regulations:
A passport is not required for US citizens entering Canada, but it is still the best form of identification. Proof of citizenship is required. Legal custody documents are also required for each child being transported. Non custodial parents (grandparents, etc.) are required to have with them a notarized letter of consent signed by the child's custodial parent. Pets being transported must be accompanied by proof of licensure (paperwork, not just the tag on the collar) and proof of all vaccinations and inoculations. Possession of radar detectors is illegal in the province of Ontario. Telephone Tourist information from the US or Canada at 1-800-668-2746 for more information or contact Canada Customs (905)354-6043.

Fishing and Hunting Regulations:
(416) 314-2000

Email retrieval:
Many hotels have dedicated telephone outlets in the rooms for internet access. Check with the hotel.

Adapters not required for US appliances.

Visitors with disabilities:
Canadian Paraplegic Association National Office provides information about accessibility in Canada. (613) 723-1033.

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