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Rome is more than a fascinating European capital city; it is a spectacular encyclopedia of living history.  Rome is halfway down Italy's western coast, about 12 miles inland. It has been said that every road in Rome leads to eternity. The city is vast, though the historic center is quite small.  The whole experience of Rome is so powerful as to be almost overwhelming at times.  The best way to prepare for a visit is to study a little of the history of the region, to be as well rested as possible, and to arrange an itinerary that allows time to explore, rest, and reflect on the magnificence of it all.

There is a steady stream of spectacular festivals, exhibits and events for the whole family.  Guided walking tours and bus tours for every energy level and budget provide great assistance in becoming acquainted with the past and present of this amazing city.  Rome is a city in which it is recommended that driving and walking anywhere near areas of traffic be avoided if  possible.  The streets are extremely congested, and drivers are not considered to be responsible for watching out for pedestrians.  The public transportation is excellent and offers the convenience of  buses and subways at a nominal cost. 

Whether the visitor is seeking a quiet, romantic café  on the Campo de’ Fiori; a  fast food McDonald’s with air conditioning on the Piazza della Repubblica or a cozy and intimate family operated restaurant with one or two exquisitely prepared selections of the day on the Piazza Santa Maria, there is great food for every taste.

The city boasts a wide variety of shopping opportunities.  Spanish Square presents high fashion selections while the more modestly priced clothing is to be found on the Via del Corso and Via Tritone.  North of Spanish Square are areas famous for their antique shops and art galleries.  Porta Portese hosts a huge flea market every Sunday morning.

Rome does not go to sleep at sunset.  Open air symphonic concerts, ballet and opera performances, live rock and jazz are all available. 

Rome lays claim to two pro football teams, Roma and Lazio.  Rivalry is fierce between them.  Basketball is gaining in popularity.  It is played in the Palazzo dello Sport designed for the 1960 Olympics.

The city’s 300 fountains, its sculpture, its glorious panorama of ancient, medieval, Renaissance, baroque and modern art, music and architecture are all part of the reason that Pope Gregory XIVs remark in the 16th century is still true today. Pope Gregory said of the joys of exploring and discovering the city, “a lifetime is not enough.”




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