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Imagine the majestic beauty of alpine Bavaria placed by a tropical bay and you will have an accurate image of Florianopolis. The capital of Santa Catarina state, the city is divided into two parts: The mainland and the island.  The mainland is mostly industrial, but the scenic spots are on the island: attractive colonial buildings, 400-year-old forts, baroque churches and the best surfing in Brazil (on the eastern coast of the island). Florianopolis' nightlife is exciting, and the bierhalls are popular meeting spots (the city produces some of Brazil's best in its Santa Catarina Beer.  Fine wine is another product of the region, and its grapes are known for their excellent quality.  Nearby, at Camboriu, there are resorts and casinos.


Florianópolis, (also known as Floripa) is a city in southeastern Brazil, and the capital of the seaport on Santa Catarina Island known as the state of Santa Catarina. The longest suspension bridge in Brazil, the Hercilio Luz Bridge. connects the island to the mainland. Situated in a rich farming region, the city is a commercial and cultural center. The Federal University of Santa Catarina and the University for the Development of Santa Catarina State are both located there. Founded about 1700, the city received its present name in 1893.


Floripa is 480 miles southwest of Rio de Janeiro. Over the last few years it has become one of the most visited destinations in Brazil, for visitors seeking superb beaches, beautiful scenery, interesting culture, and friendly people. It is also in the midst of a real estate boom, with Brazilians, especially from São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul estates, looking for a better living situation away from the chaos of the big cities.


Smaller islands with forts, which protected ships in the 17th century, surround it. Most of the population lives in the island’s northern half. The southern sector is more isolated and less developed. Though originally settled by the Portuguese (from the Islands of Açores), like the rest of Brazil, the city has a strong German and Italian influence. Florianópolis has long been a popular destination for South American tourists, because of its location and its picture perfect white sand beaches.


Today Florianopolis is a busy commercial center. Industries produce metallurgical and electrical communications equipment, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and perfume. The area around Lagoa has a reputation for some of the best seafood restaurants in the world.


Three bridges link the island to the continent but at present only two are in use.   Hercílio Luz Bridge, the city’s best-known landmark, is temporarily closed for renovations. The northern beach resorts, such as Canasvieiras and Ingleses are busy during the summer months and provide many hotels, restaurants and other conveniences for seasonal visitors.


Eastern beaches, such as  Joaquina, Mole and Moçambique are the best surfing beaches and are popular with young adults. Other beaches to the south include Campeche, Armação and Morro das Pedras, which are also very beautiful.


The isolated and unspoiled beaches of Lagoinha do Leste and Naufragados can be found at the southern end of the island and are reached only by hiking trails. The Conceição lagoon is a famous natural attraction, and features many entertainment options along its main strip.  Peri Lagoon is quiet and serene and is perfect for nature walks. Among the historical highlights are the maritime forts of Santa Cruz de Anhatomirim and Santo Antônio de Ratones. 


There are archeological sites with samples of ancient Rock Art.  There are remnants of colonial villages, the City Centre with its historical buildings, and of course the city’s trademark, Hercílio Luz bridge. 


There are hot springs, mountains, waterfalls, endless white sand beaches, clear, cool highland streams, and year round sports.  The food is exceptional; the nightlife is superb.  The weather is warm and the island is welcoming.  What better place could there be to spend a winter or summer vacation?




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