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This region of south-central Ont

This region of south-central Ontario (midway between Toronto and Windsor) was modeled after the best of London, England.  Therefore, London has its own Thames River, and nearby Stratford, the namesake of Shakespeare's hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon has its own internationally acclaimed theater festival and its own Avon River.


Many of the attractions in London are connected to local history.   Fanshawe Pioneer Village is a re-creation of a town from the 1800s that presents crafts demonstrations.  At the London Museum of Archeology, visitors can witness an ongoing archeological dig. Iroquoian life around the year 1000 is the focus of the Ska-Nah-Doht Iroquoian Village. Eldon House, built in 1834, is the city's oldest building, and you can also find and visit many lovely Victorian residences in town.


Museums include the London Regional Art and Historical Museum; the London Museum of Archaeology, which is located next to an ongoing dig site called the Lawson Prehistoric Indian Village; and the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum which displays military memorabilia. There is also  the Guy Lombardo Museum, where the legendary bandleader and his talented acquaintances are remembered in photographs and other memorabilia.


London is buzzing with an abundance of festivals throughout the calendar year. Local and out-of-town restaurants compete for the title of Best Ribs at the London Rib Fest in late July, the same weekend as the Balloon Festival where dozens of beautifully covered hot air balloons fill the air. The annual Western Fair runs for 10 days each September with a special children’s midway, top name performers at the Grandstand, home arts and horticultural competitions. Later in the fall, experience the hilarity of the Canadian Comedy Awards Festival at various downtown venues.


Throughout the year visitors to London will enjoy an outstanding selection of interesting attractions. For all travelers on all levels of budgets, London is at its best in its downtown core. If it's the arts you enjoy, then settle in for pure enjoyment. Take in a play at The Grand Theatre, or enjoy a performance of Orchestra London.


London has seen the richness of the culture and traditions of the Iroquois Nation; the settlement by Colonel John Graves Simcoe and his British associates; the architectural and artistic accomplishments of the Victorian era; the emergence of a big band legend;  the discovery of insulin, and much more. London is a city of traditions and treasured memories.   It is also a modern commercial and industrial center, and a lively and entertaining place.  For the past 100 years,  Londoners have planted around 1,000 trees annually to keep the area green, earning the name "Forest City."  This is London: a city that is always advancing and growing, yet one that has deep roots in the past.  







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